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We do what Jumia do and sell to the U.S market where buying potential is high. Just that we don’t buy the products, store, nor ship it to customers like Jumia, yet we have 100% profit margin on retail. I put it all up in a complete 3 series of 15 and 13 videos. If this is ok by you, I will teach you how from scratch with my training series… Once you learn the business, You automate the business with our brand new software DROPAZZ. Plus USA paypal training as bonus that will let you receive money and I equally showed you how to transfer it straight to your local bank account using my technique…

We Finally Developed One of The Most Sophisticated Dropshipping Software In The World Called DROPAZZ

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“When I first heard the phrase DROP SHIPPING I was inquisitive to truly know what it is. I dashed to Youtube to get info about it, I did, but the more I watched the more I get confused… I spent more than #10k on data, yet nothing to show for it. Thank God for DeGenius Training. Supper Easy To Understand and Implement.” ___ Adams.

“If I had known about this, all the money I wasted on mini importation would have been saved. DeGenius made it so easy that even me that is OLODO in tech stuff set up this business in 24 hours” ___ Nkiru Diana.

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