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Our Job Is Simply To
"Bring Out The Genius In You" To Help You Earn Consistent Daily, Weekly and Monthly Income ONLINE STRICTLY...

If you are looking for a genuine online business, or you want to scale an existing business that you have, DEGENIUS Team got you covered

The Management

Raphael paul (degenius)

CEO DeGenius Inc. [RC: 1434102]

“My best is not enough until it brings RESULTS 24/7 by 365.” 

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With 5 store niche stores and still open for new ideas and scaling of my dropshipping business, I share how anyone can enjoy same business without needing to pay shopify monthly recurring fees.  Click here to  get a free copy.

Online Errand Business

A business concept we developed from scratch that lets you deliver jobs, hire and fire freelancers for clients without you having a skill, laptop, or even ANY experience

Facebook Ads and SMA Guide

Our training concerning Facebook Ads, takes you by the hand and show you everything you need to pour in constant sales in any offer or business. Be it offline or online. 

Sales Funnel Training

Learn how to tie the knots as relates customer acquisition and conversion in a complete sales process of your own using popular CMS like wordpress without needing to pay monthly fees. This step by step video training shows you how…



One of the basic issues of internet businesses is TRAFFIC. No traffic, No leads and no money… Bozzposter do not only help you generate unlimited traffic via all major social media handles, but as well help you save time and lots of money. Try it out here

FunnelHackguru (beta)

With this web base cloud hosted software you can finally set up any sales process to quickly and easily convert prospects into consistent buyers and customers. Right now on beta stage.


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