We Finally Developed One of The Most Sophisticated Dropshipping Software Called DROPAZZ

Helps You Conquer All The Barriers In E-commerce Dropshipping

With Step by Step Training Embedded In The Software


Waste No Time, Here Are

Frequently Asked Questions On Dropshipping

Dropshipping is about selling products you don't buy, stock, nor ship to customers, yet you earn in dollars.

Laptop, Phone and Internet Connection

2 hours at most in a day

No, because of dropazz software, you no longer need laptop for 90% of the business management and set up. 

Yes, dropazz software is not free. It is a software just like dropified, alidropship etc. Those platforms charge minimum of #18,000 per month, but dropazz is far less of such a price for this moment because of launch of first of its kind in Africa.

YES. Huge difference. In mini importation, you need capital to buy products, in dropshipping you don't. 
2: In Mini importation you need capital to ship products to yourself and then ship to customers, in dropshipping NO SUCH THING.
3: In Dropshipping You Earn In Dollars as You Service International Market, in mini importation you earn in Naira as you service on Nigeria.
4: In dropshipping, you don't face pay on delivery issues, in mini importation YOU MUST FACE SUCH ISSUES.

Yes. 100% free. They are more than 60 short video series, step by step on dropshipping, plus updated sales strategies, and winning product database in dropazz provided for free.

NO. Not a single money is needed to buy products you intend selling. In fact, with dropazz we hand picked best selling and hot products you can make up to $1,000 (#365,000) in your first 7 days.

100% Legal. 

Because They DON'T know about it. Like you are going to be first set of persons' to milk your multi millions before everyone realizes.

Big question there... We are teaching you equally how to create a working business paypal account, and how to withdraw every dollar you earn to it into your local bank account right here in Nigeria... THIS IS BIG SOLUTION!

Yes, 100%. Get to build your niche store in at most ONE DAY. It is that simple because of templates and easy to follow tools provided without any charge!

LIMITLESS... NO LIMITS! You can earn any amount of your choice, as long as you are dedicated and coach-able.

Yes. We have 3 support mediums.

1: Facebook Group

2: Live Chat In Dropazz

3: Whatsapp Chat Support

Your Result In Week One Will WoW You...

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