36 thoughts on “How To Withdraw PayPal Money To Nigeria Bank ATM 362/$ (Hot 2020)”

    1. It will require you ask someone to get you the card and send to you. With the person’s details. Maybe a close relative.

  1. Thanks for sharing, But one question, will the money saved in the prepaid card be in naira or dollar currency? Or is it when you transfer dollar from paypal to the prepaid card, it automatically converts to naira equivalent in your prepaid card for your withdraw?

  2. Hi, I got one but the lady asked if I want a naira or dollar africard I quickly said naira, I don’t know if that will be a problem with withdrawing from PayPal.

  3. Please is this method still working on your side. it is not working here please i need help or maybe the method is no longer working. cuz i tried to extent that i have to call the UBA customer center and the rep make it known to me that AFRICARD is no longer working with paypal anymore.. so sad.. please if there is a way out, i will like to know


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