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Statistics Report That Facebook Holds Over 2Billion Active Users Every Single Month...

So many businesses are struggling right now,  due to covid 19!  And moving your business partly online to get your share of customers is the only remedy to covid19 wahala!

Even If You Sell Office Pins, I Will Show You How To Make "At Least $10,000 (#4million) In One Month" Using Facebook ...

With my DMC Strategy You Can Compel & Command Engagements For Multiple Thousands Of NAIRA or Dollars Spending NEAR TO NOTHING On Ads.


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Your Coach On This Physical Office Training?

“Maybe you don’t know me  before now, I know I have been stingy and doing my thing… But, I felt guilty and need to give back. I am Raphael, and friends and partners call me DeGenius. Allow me to introduce to you what you can utilize in your business in one week for at least #1million revenue returns using the online WORLD”

Who Is This Training For?

How Much For The Training and How Can I Reserve My Seat?


100% Novices Can Now Sip Cup Of Coffee and run their businesses online because of this super pack training

Here Is What Is Inside:

How Online World Works

Introduction In this video you will learn how things will unfold in the entire training. I gave you the skeleton of what you are to expect and things you need to pre-understand.

How Facebook Works

you really know how Facebook Works? Is Facebook truly FREE to complete common-man users? In this video you will find out…

Creating and Branding Business Page

In this training we will start the process of shifting from just having fun to having lots of fund using our business… It all starts from here.

Whatsapp Marketing

Learn everything you need to know about whatsapp and how you can use it for your advantage to make money 24/7


You need to know where a customer is or should be in your business and know exactly when to sell something different or brand new to the customer. Funnel is the only short process to make thing come to live in visual way.

Dealing With Payments

We get to discuss how banks charge you and why you get higher charges sometimes by facebook. Before we head straight to discuss the 3 major payment options available, so even if Facebook blacklist your card, there's a f*kin way out... 😋

Custom Audiences

Here is exactly where you learn how to make use of your prospects/customer’s data for your massive advantage…


No nahhh, traffic should not just hit your store and not purchase… Let’s see how we can get them back and convert them up to 200% ROI.

Ad Copy

Oyah o… It is time you write your message that people will read and follow your link to your store to make the decision. Oh boy was my Ad copy you saw on Facebook not convincing? I unleashed my secrets here.

Ads Scaling

Why not make more while you keep spending less? You will learn how in this video from SCRATCH.

Growing Your FB Page Massively

I am definitely not a fan of growing pages but growing my email list. Not withstanding you deserve all the best... So how I help my client's grow their pages massively cheaply you will learn right here.


Sales Training

How to avoid getting rejections and sell anything to anyone... THINK ABOUT IF EVERYONE WHO COME TO YOUR STORE OR OFFICE OR BUSINESS BUYS?

Let's assume you have 100 products in your store and sell all in every two days, and you make #1k profit per sale... How Much Will You Make In 100 Sales? #100,000 right?

That's Exactly What This Training Will Help You Achieve! FAST SALES AND PROFITS!