Part Five: Ads Objective

People place Ads for so many objectives, But no matter your objective, the end result should be SALES.

I will be talking about 3 major Ads objectives viz; engagements, conversion and traffic.

So, let’s begin…

Post Engagement

When you wish to place your advert for this purpose it means you just want to reach as many people as your money can take… This is measured by Likes and Comments basically. One can use this for sales and brand awareness.

If it’s by engagement Facebook cannot be held responsible for low clicks or high clicks… The chances of sales with this objective is lower, though all based on what you want, if it is for sales or for brand awareness. If it is for sales, with a good sales close up objective you can make good sales based on the engagements received.


With post engagement Facebook tries to look for people that will likely LIKE, comment and Share your post.

So, your simple objective for this is to get more clicks… Wether actionable clicks or Mistake clicks all counts.


Of course your links should be in place on the “CALL TO ACTION (CTA) BUTTON”

You can boost your post for engagement by clicking boost on the icon that says “BOOST”

You can set the kind of audience you want to reach and their preferences, age and the rest.


Next people just want to SELL.


Facebook ads objective that tries to look for people that likely would buy due to their previous “engaged online shopping” activities is called conversion.

Website is important for this Ads Placement objective (Conversion).

To place Ads for CONVERSION, that’s for people to see your business and buy… You will need a PIXEL installed on your website. Check our Ads strategy here to get picture view of sales via facebook using this Ads objective.

This is one of the effective ways of selling directly on Facebook via website (which is where our pixels work).

How to go about creating a complete Ad with a proven Ads strategy for conversion is all explained here.

This is equally the most expensive, as facebook would do more of the job in finding people that will likely buy.


Next you might want to drive traffic to a website, whatsapp group, or telegram group. to set this up, you must have a link to where you wish the traffic sent to.

The single reason for this objective is to pool in traffic for sales or unique clicks on a blog or website.

Which ever objective you choose to work with, you must have an off-facebook sales objective.

On our next training you will learn everything there is to know about Ads bidding and payments.


Stay blessed.



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