Selling On Facebook

How To Sell On Facebook

The first thing that you should realize is that Facebook is a social network site. This means that you cannot actively canvass for sales the way you would elsewhere.

Yet, simply because there is such a large network out there, there are things that you can do to increase your sales using your social network.

So, even if you are into MLM, network marketing, or street business, you can’t directly canvass for sales or referral via facebook and get instant referrals or sales; How To Sell On Facebook.

Yes, I can’t dispute the fact that you can sell directly, as I sell too directly on facebook, but the fact remains that on each 5 products sold, you lost up to 20.

In that case, how  do real time sales happen on Facebook?

For instance, lets use the natural way of obtaining water via falls.

It goes from the zinc to the drum, before filtered to your room for drinking or cooking, right?

You get a clean rain water after it has successfully dropped together on your keg or pot of water.

Friend, you don’t open your mouth under the rain to drink water, neither do you go outside your room holding your keg by yourself for water to settle in.

Same with facebook. See it as the cloud which hold heavy water that can feed you in decades.

You fetch the people from it (traffic), to see your offer which must be on a website, whatsapp group, telegram group etc, then you close the deal, by taking them through the process of knowing you and your product, then converting them to buying or joining members or visitors just like you do to the rain.

Selling do start from Facebook, but can’t truly happen unless you put in place the rudiments of sales… No matter how much you pay facebook for traffic, it won’t sell for you.

Such is what most people undermine and directly promote their goods and services, with low returns on Ads year in year out. But not for you as you will surely become an expert you deserve and even open an Ads agency if you so wishes after this training.


Sales or referrals do start from facebook but cannot guarantee sales. And your post on facebook cannot get you good clicks if it is not worth the clicks.

So on my next post, you will learn how to go about creating a post worth clicking and then we enter the next segment which is Ads advantage. The processes of creating an Ad and optimizing it for real life sales even if you wish to sell via facebook directly.


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