In The Days Of Face Me I Face You... The Story That Changed MANY!

No Soup Is Sweet Until It Is Cooked With Salt… Life Is Bitter Without Money!

By Raphael Paul (DeGenius)

In the days of face me I face you household, I could remember vividly how I was intimidated by my landlord’s son.

Think about all the nasty things in life, this dude will want tenants to do it in their house… A day came as I was about entering my room I heard a forceful voice.

“Oga show, come here now… You see this place, I wan make you pack all the blocks and shift all aside before you on your generator again for this house!!!”

I chuckled, and entered my room. That happened like a night before.

This guy is not just older than me but huge!

Waking up this faithful Sunday morning, still on my bed thinking about my day adventure… I heard his voice in a rage telling his parents that nothing will make me use my generator until I do what he says I must do. 

Well as a man of justice and ego, even though I look extremely gentle… When I heard the voice my heart pounded fast… I thought about my actions and how much it could cost me!

I did the math and used my head… Consider it DONE, I said to myself!

I stood and opened my door, dragged my generator out and turned it on!

Still right there he rushed me with a rod pipe, mehhn I never knew I could fight strong!

Well, it was all defensive fight against him as I made sure I didn’t hit him.

While people are holding him back I entered my room, took my bucket and went straight to shower leaving him with one word “go do more practice and gym because it’s a fight day”

Long story short, he was reprimanded and faced lots of charges… Of course he slept several days in confine of police and he indeed fought with his counterparts (you know what I mean) LOL.

Why this story?

The place where you stay, estate or not, face me I face you or not… YOU HAVE TO MAKE MONEY!

Some people can be staying in a face me I face you environment but real time millionaires. Because of their goals and plans they live low. 


It is your duty to make consistent money to save yourself from unforeseen circumstances! 

Money is not evil, it is lack of money and what you use money for that could be evil. I have never seen rich people pull out of ROLLS ROYCE to rub banks nor have I seen people intimidated wrongfully if they have money.

Money is just a tool… Your intentions is the evil. Laptops are not evil, until used by people to implement their dirty cyber crimes. 

Anyways, that was in the days of face me I face you life. If you make enough money, trust me you will stay safe anywhere… People will be like “don’t try that guy oh”

Money can help not just to protect you, but to protect other people and help them solve the unforeseen circumstances that befell them.

Money gives some kind of confidence you cannot get anywhere, not even from your pastor!

Of course God and money cannot be compared… NEVER MAKE THAT MISTAKE! As you cannot compare people who created laptops and the laptop, instead you compare laptops with the same kind of gadgets. 

God is not a tool… Money is! 

When you compare every other tool that support living “SURE, MONEY IS EVERYTHING” You cannot even compare some kind of people with money… Based on the value they offer!


No two ways about it… It only requires little commitment and positive attitude. 

Are you insecure or feeling insecure right now? 

If a law case come up now and hit you, can you hire a lawyer and defend yourself right now?

Check the amount involve!

Friend, you have to prepare… All those are part of life! Don’t let the word “I don’t have money” take over you. What you say often is what that stinks.


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“It Is Your Duty To Make Big Juicy Money, If Not For Anything; But To Save Yourself From Unforeseen Circumstances… They Must Surely Come.”