Hey I want to thank you for taking advantage of

While you have the greatest training and everything you need to make your first $10,000 (#3million+) per month... You might still want EVERYTHING DONE FOR YOU.

What if I create and build the business from scratch to finish for you, to start profiting from DAY ONE?

Based on experience so far, a lot of people abandon the process either because of their daily schedule, job and lack of time
or Lack of personal time management.

Because of this, I and my team have decided to take 90% of the work load from you, so that finally you can focus on applying the sales strategies for massive sales and profits!

It includes all the store designs, with a more professional theme and template, your domain costs, hosting costs, etc all part of it.

I Will research a niche and load up to 20 winning products.

Your business paypal account, Rave flutterwave account as second means of receiving dollar payments included. Plus I will add a software that lets you auto import and manage products.

Costs #120,000



Goes down soon